Objectives of Hospital

The main objective of MHS- Massana Hospital is to provide quality services that are   affordable and accessible to needy patients and clients accessing our services. Massana Hospital will focus on diagnosing and treating conditions of all kind while emphasizing on preventive medicine and the overall health and wellbeing of its patient.


specific Objectives

  1.  To progressively expand the facility to cater for Mbezi Beach community and the neighborhood population of Kawe Division in Kinondoni district, Dar es Salaam city and from all overTanzania.
  2.  To offer efficient out patient and inpatient services.
  3. To offer specialized care in surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology,  pediatrics and  other specialties by hiring specialists to operate a consultancy  doctors plaza at the hospital.
  4.   To improve laboratory services by upgrading our diagnostic facilities in radiology, ultrasonography, microbiology, haematology, blood transfusion and immunochemistry.
  5. To improve quality of services by continued medical education for its staff  through Seminars (Internal and External) and through weekly CME sessions conducted in the hospital and by continuously reviewing their remunerations and rewarding promotions accordingly.
  6.  To continue supporting the management of the Nursing College through financing and offer free administrative support at its infancy stage
  7. To provide home based care nursing and medical services to special cases as need may arise.
  1. To expand teaching capacity of the hospital by expanding infrastructure and increasing the number of admission in Nursing College. To start preparations for introducing an Assistant Medical Officers college at the hospital

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