MHS – Massana Hospital has a complete Laboratory well equipped with high standards of flexible and innovative services based on highly skilled staff. MHS – Laboratory has highly sophisticated laboratory analyzers, covering all laboratory investigations in Hematology, Coagulation and homeostasis, Clinical chemistry, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Clinical Microscopy, Hormonal assays etc. MHS Laboratory works 24 hours daily.

  1. Microbiology: Provide variable tests for microbes from different types of body fluids and sites. Culture tests as well as tests for microbe’s sensitivity to drugs are available.
  2. Serology: Equipped with fully-automated machines like Axsym of Abbott Company in addition to Elisa semi-automated machine. Fluorescence microscopy is available for some serological tests. Wide range of tests for infectious and non-infectious diseases and auto immune diseases are available:-
  • Screen and quantitative techniques for hormonal assay in obstetrics and gynaecology and male hormonal assays.
  • Hepatitis markers are also available. Kits used are quality assured and TFDA approved.
  1. Biochemistry: Fully-automated most modern equipments are used. Vitros, dry chemistry analyzers are used in addition to Axsym and IMX. Quality assurance is a daily process. Wide range of tests includes.
  • General Chemistry, Lipids Profiles, Bone Profiles, Liver Renal stones chemical analysis and Kidney Profiles,
  • Tumor Markers, Special markers (HGG).
  1. Hematology: Fully automated Gen-S Coulter machines and coagulation machines render fast and wide range of tests.
  1. Microscopy: Tests provided are:-
  • Screening for parasites, crystals and proteins.
  • Stool analysis general and specific for blood, rotavirus and parasites.

Equipments: Most of our equipments are fully automated  up to date technology, which offer random access testing and that makes the laboratory able to do tests / samples as they arrive over the 24 hours. Our laboratory high second score in the SAFE CARE Basic Health Care Standards Done March 2016.


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