Radiography is the oldest form of medical imaging and it is still the most frequently used. This technique produces an image of the shadows cast by your organs and tissues. Tissues that are denser, such as bones or blood vessels infused with contrast agents are more clearly visible than other tissues.

X-ray examination still is the base for radiological examinations in spite the extensive advancement that is capable of minimizing the list of differential diagnosis that was suggested in the past decades and to diminish the level of controversy and discrepancies. In spite of great advancement in cross sectional imaging, still radiography has an important role to play in diagnostic radiology particularly an orthopeadic and trauma.

Massana Hospital is equipped with a modern digital X-ray Machine. It offers quality digital X-ray films using dry chemistry technique.

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Ultrasound which starts to give its impact in the medical fields in late 1970’s in the diagnosis of intrauterine life has improved dramatically as regards the image quality and diagnostic accuracy, still it has no role to play in diseases that affect a hollow organ that contain air as well as diseases that might affects bone or even that inside the brain. Massana Hospital has a modern Ultrasound in operation since 2008. It offers quality serigraphic images very partial for current diagnosis particularly in obstetrics.

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