We offer following packages for pregnancy and deliveries:

  1. Anti Natal Care Program Only.
  2. Anti Natal Care Program + Delivery (Normal)
  3. Anti Natal Care Program + Delivery (Caesarian)

Please call (022)2627177 to get the package prices in detail.

Massana Hospital provide the patient with medical care as follows:-

Periodic visits to follow up Obstetrics & Gynecology Physician visits during pregnancy.

Necessary investigations at the start of booking and as stated by the physician covered in the program are as follows:-

  • Blood Group – (1) One time
  • Hb – Every visit
  • Urine analysis – Every visit
  • Bs MPS – Every visit
  • Fasting Blood sugar – (1) At least once.
  • Ultrasound – Per instruction of the Obstetrics & Gynecology

Physician. At least in every trimester.

The program is concerned with Ant Natal Medical Care during pregnancy. It excludes medicines during pregnancy period. In care of dilation and curettage (D&C) and any similar case as may arise services extended to the patient shall be changed to the price list of the hospital.

Any other diseases not related to the pregnancy shall be excluded.

Physicians of Massana Hospital shall supervise the above mentioned programs according to the available facilities and as follows:-

Admission for normal delivery 2 days maximum in case of normal condition of the baby. Admission will be at a sharing room effectively from the date of admission. If a private room was requested, an extra amount shall be added per a day. One free visit post delivery for mother and baby within a week.

Free file for baby after delivery:

Nursery admission 2days for the baby if his / her condition is normal.

This program excludes the costs of circumcision or ear piercing.

The program does not cover medicines to be used during normal or cesarean delivery only.

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