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Objectives & Functions

Organization Chart

Account Department

The account   department is responsible for ensuring monetary value is obtained for all activities  which are performed by the Hospital and College of Nursing.

The head of the Account department is Mr.Mamfere Laurence Lema, He is well  experienced with account and marketing activities  for many number of years working closely with all other departments.

Staffs of account department with their qualifications

No Staff name Title Qualification
1 Mamfere Lawrence Lema Head B.A Marketing, Diploma  Accountancy
2 Witness Baraka Lema Accountant BBA, Diploma in Accountancy
3 Stella Chiku Manoni Accountant Diploma- Business Administration (Accountancy)
4 Camilla R. lema Management Analyst BCom & Information System
5 Neema E.  Mariki Accountant Diploma in Accountancy
6 Neema W. Meena Accountant Diploma in Accountancy
7 Rehema F. Mushi Accountant Diploma in Accountancy

The main functions of Account departments is to perform  all accounting duties of the Hospital and College of Nursing which facilitate the preparation of statutory accounts and thus enable external Auditors to audit the draft accounts and produce final report.