Massana College of Nursing was established in September 2005. It is a private institution directed by Prof. Richard S.M.Lema. The College is within the Massana Hospital situated at Mbezi Beach along New Bagamoyo Road.

It offers 2 and 3 years certificate and three diploma level respectively awarded by Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council (TNMC). The College is registered by Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council with Registraion Number 027 and License Number TNMC 057 on 20th October 2006. It is also registerd by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) which is the registering body for all technical institutions.

The curriculum model/framework used for the mentioned courses and depicts the essential components of nursing that the learner will assimilate and integrate as she/he evolves through the two/three years of the program.

The Certificate/Diploma of Nursing program is designed to provide an innovative education which is responsive to society needs and demands, while wthout compromising both learner’s professional needs and demands. The student is the central focus of the nursing educational program.

Within a learning environment, the learner will acquire a….. and relevant knowledge competencies

The certificate and ordinary diploma courses in Nursing are organized in four semesters and six semesters respectively comprising of 22 weeks per semester which include class and clinical practice hours. The National Technical Awards (NTA) system has been developed to suit the needs of the health sector, the labor market demands, legal and professional needs that exist in our country. It is one of the government initiatives to modernize and improve professional qualifications within the health sector.

Development of these programs are aimed at rewarding individual achievements in learning nursing skills and competences gained through teaching, guidance and support to provide a climbing ladder to higher learning opportunities and competences in nursing career.

1.2 The goals of the program

The goals of these programs are to equip the student nurses with competence based skills, i.e. appropriate knowledge attitude and nursing practice skills in order to provide comprehensive and effective quality nursing care that meet the needs of individuals, family and community at large.

1.3 Our vision

The Vision of MCN is “to become a Centre of excellence for training of health professionals,in the advancement, expansion, quality care, research and public services in the health sector.

Massana College of Nursing is currently conducting Pre service courses for both certificate and diploma levels in an attempt to complement the government in its Tanzania Development Vision 2025 aiming to achieve high quality livehood particulary in its endeavour to achieve MDG 4 and 5 i.e. reduction in perinatal and mortality in Tanzania.

1.4 Our mission

To establish a conducive and sustainable learning environment that will allow students and graduates to perform competently at their relevant levels and aspire for attainment of higher knowledge skills and attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases and caring for sick as well as rehabilitating debilitated individuals in all setting. To advance this mission Massana College will always:

  • Employ qualified Nurse tutors who meet the standards as per National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and Tanzania Nurses and Midwives Council (TNMC)
  • Improve Library and Electronic learning services to meet student’s demands
  • Provide supportive supervision during practical attachment throughout training
  • Encourage students to appropriately utilize the demonstration room
  • To provide suitable transport and accommodation for students who will opt to use the facilities to enhance learning

1.5 Our philosophy

Massana College of Nursing believe that all students deserve equal rights, and will always respect individual’s dignity and worth regardless of race, social class,religion or political affiliation.

The College shall provide conducive learning environment to students through acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude required for quality and effective nursing care

1.6 Our aims

The objectives of the College are the advancement of knowledge, diffusion and extension of technology and learning, the provision of competence based learning and research consistent with the professional requirements

The program aims to achieve the following:

  • To form a flexible course that is responsive to dynamic and chemical changing world at place of work and the community
  • To provide Nursing skills, knowledge and behaviors vital to learners, employers and the community
  • To promote self-realization and team work skills that will enable graduates to perform effectively and aspire for higher learning
  • To build capacity to participate in the implementation of National Health policy and its accompanying operational guidelines
  • To propagate and promote moral, legal and ethical conduct among nurses and other health workers within the nursing profession and national legal framework
  • To promote entrepreneurship knowledge and skills among learners and staff of Massana College of nursing

1.7 Course objectives

The main objectives for these programs to;

  • Form a career ladder in nursing professional practice, career advancement and more advanced a primary role for nursing management in health care service delivery
  • Impart appropriate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to nursing practice in relation to reproductive, preventive and curative health care services in the community
  • Steer creativeness and innovativeness in response to challenges inherent in nursing practic
  • Promote sense of citizenship, accountability and responsibility to graduates
  • • Stimulate life-long learning behavior for nurses and advancement of nursing profession
  • • Promote an international outlook of the learning content and context so as to widen learner’s advantages into regional and international labor market

1.8 Admission requirement

Admissions to the nursing programs are open to candidates who have a minimum of a Certificate of secondary education Examination (CSEE) with passes in science subjects as follows:

  1. For Diploma: Biology C, Chemistry C, Physics D, plus other two subjects with D pass. Pass in English and mathematics is an added advantage
  2. For Certificate: Biology D, Chemistry D, Physics D, plus other two subjects with D pass. Pass in English and mathematics is an added advantage

1.9 Mode of application

Individuals who meet the above stated requirement can apply directly through Central Admission System (CAS).