We are very happy to welcome you at Massana Hospital (MHS) and want you to feel that your visit to MHS will be mutually beneficial and a pleasant one.

You have chosen a hospital that has established an outstanding reputation for quality medical services. Credit for this goes to our entire good customers our patients. We hope you too will find satisfaction and take pride in your treatment here.

The profile has been prepared to inform you about our varied medical sections, consultants and specialists. We hope this directory will help you to feel comfortable and assured that you will receive high quality health care.

MHS is committed to meet your expectation. As a customer of MHS, our medical team will contribute their talents and energies to provide you an environment of quality hospital services.

I extend to you my personal best wishes for a quick recovery.


Prof. Richard S.M. Lema

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Hospital Director.